1. How does mobile detailing work?
You call us and we will come to your home or office, golf course or salon and wash, wax or detail you car right on-site

2. Do you carry your own water and electricity?
Yes our units are fully equipped with water and electricity

3. How long does it take?
Wash – 30 – 60
wax – 1hr – 1 hr/30
interior detail –  1hr – 1hr/30
complete detail 2hrs – 3hrs

4. How often should my vehicle be waxed?
For maximum protection your car should be waxed at the changing of each season or 4 times a year
Minimum twice a year
Why do I need my car waxed anyway?
A waxed surface will protect your paint, serving as a barrier from UV rays, minor abrasions, acid rain, pine pitch, oxidation and other contaminants

5. What is the difference between a deluxe wax and a regular wax?
With a deluxe wax we take a clay and go over the entire surface of your vehicle removing all of the contaminants from it’s surface leaving it smooth when finished

6. How often do I need my car detailed
At least twice a year, If you carpool the kiddies to and from things like soccer games then you can imagine the germs floating around in your vehicles interior. Think of it like this, if you wouldn’t buy your car in it’s present condition then it probably needs detailing.

7. Do you offer gift certificates?